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Hand made Loc Extensions

Hand made Loc Extensions

You will receive 5 bundles 
Human hair loc extensions. Can be bleached and colored! Comes in bundles of 20 Locs. Custom coloring is available. Email requests for coloring at checkout.  
Pictured are the 0.4cm/pencil size locs. 
0.8 are sharpie size. 
Example: order quantity 2= 40 locs 
.**Please allow 5-7 days for processing & shipping. We do not offer return, refund or cancelations. However, if there is any problem with your order please let us know. ***
All locs are sold in bundles. 20 locs come in 1 bundle. 
These are the average amounts needed to give you a full head
 small 4-6 bundles(90-120 locs) 
Medium 3-5 (60-100 locs)
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